Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Crazy Wings Challenge

It has become a routine that every Tuesday after work, some friends and I would get together for a casual run/jog around the "Tan" (Botantical Gardens). Weirdly enough, we've called ourselves "The Crazy Wings" group- why the funny name you may question? This all originated from a restaurant called Crazy Wings- famous for their incredibly (I say this with much emphasis!) spicy chicken wings.

Don't underestimate these chicken wings! They may appear to be slightly darker in colour compared to normal wings- but boy are they deadly, they are called "crazy" wings for a reason. These chicken wings are actually inspired from the roadsides of Beijing China.

Crazy wings

Whenever there is a new comer who decide to join us for a run (not realizing what they are really getting in to), we would put them through the crazy wings challenge- that is to devour one whole wing. It's always amusing to watch how differently each person reacts- the usual reaction after one nibble would be "is this it?", but it's only after a couple more bites- the eyes will start tearing up, feelings of numbness in the mouth start setting in and hands start fanning wildly. We've also seen an occasional tear or too.. Not to mention the next day after effects, which I'll leave to your imagination ;)

Close up shot

One cure we found which helps (to some extent only) alleviate the spiciness is ...soy bean milk! It really does the trick and conveniently enough, is readily available from the Asian grocery store next door. Soy bean milk sale must have spiked up a lot since crazy wings opened.

The cure

Just a thought- maybe crazy wings should be renamed "torture wings"? Despite it all, I have actually yet to have the full whole crazy wings experience (only been daring enough to take a nibble). I intend to stay a crazy wings virgin! :)

Here are some entertaining photos of Mr. S second attempt at crazy wings (worst than his first time)

One drink just isn't enough

Sweating much?

The fanning starts

By the way, this is a legitimate restaurant and they do serve other dishes besides crazy spicy chicken wings such as noodle and rice dishes.

So, do you dare take the challenge?

Crazy wings
177 Russell st

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  1. That's right someone almost died that night from severe stomach pain and ring burns!!